Computer Lab

The college maintains a well equipped ICT lab with 16 computers. The language lab facility is maintained there. Other facilities of its ICT at the college include a Smart Board, an OHP, LCD’s, one Television, one slide projector and a Tape Recorder with Radio. Internet facility is provided in the ICT Lab during the ICT hours in the timetable. The ICT Lab is used for the demonstration and the discussion of Discussion Lesson Plans, Demonstration Lesson Plans, Micro Teaching, Models of Teaching and other such innovative practices. The ICT Lab is also utilized for organizing teacher presentations and special seminars carried out by resource persons for both the faculty members and different core course student teachers.
Class libraries are maintained on each core course in their respective classes. Handbooks, sourcebooks school textbooks, etc. are stocked in the class library.


Our Vision

Our Mission

To enrich young minds based on the message of our patron saint Sree Narayana Guru –Liberation through Education.

To encourage and empower student- teachers to make history in the teaching-learning process, thereby helping their students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.